Tips and Forms for Buyers

How The Buyer Cash Bonus Closing Gift Works

We send you homes for sale as they come on the market. You tell us what you want to see. You get an automactic closing gift because we will pay you a Buyer Cash Bonus closing gift of $500.00 if the purchase price is over 101K and $150.00 if it is less than 100K.*
You complete a 5-minute survey of your experience.
* If the commission paid to Duffy Realty by the seller or builder is less than 3%, we pay you $150.00. 95% of the time, the commission is 3%.
You must be in a signed agreement with Duffy Realty before you tell an agent that we represent you. If you visit a home without us and are not clear to the listing agent that we are your agent BEFORE you go inside, they will not allow you to have representation that is paid by the seller. Please consult us on how to see homes without us.

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Before You Buy An Atlanta Home – Tips and Advice

Checkpoint 1 – The Start of the Home Buying Journey
Checkpoint 2 – What You Can Afford
Checkpoint 3 – Find A Home
Checkpoint 4 – Your Shortlist
Checkpoint 5 – What You Need To Know Before You Make An Offer
Checkpoint 6 – Making An Offer and Negotiating
Checkpoint 7 – Due Diligence and Inspection Periods
Checkpoint 8 – Getting Ready To Close
Checkpoint 9 – Closing